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Has an ordinary physicist the right to criticize the "giants of physics"?
Has he the right not to criticize them?

The author submits an absolutely new theory, that represents a revolution in physics. In general knowledge he brings a new view on safety of atomic power stations, other calculations of energy and speed of elementary particles, their radii of force range, other relations for the construction of atomic power stations, the nuclear reactions.

This theory is the product of 25 years of work.

The author remembers the documentary film about the Bikini Island. The naiveté whith which the soldiers, officers, scientists expected the A-bomb explosion, the expressions of grandiosity, the feelings of pride that they were there, the carelessness of the radiation, the swimming after the explosion, and the results putting out of countenance ending with cancer, the immense growth of extremities, their rupture - the consequent amputation of the legs, the high growth of arms, until death, also a certainty of scientists, that nothing could happen (signatures of scientists, the agreement with the production of bombs and their experimental test in presence of a large number of soldiers) - all these facts witness that it was an ignorance of people, of regular soldiers as well as scientists (including A. Einstein), the ignorance originating in a wrong or inconsequent theory, which made a qualitative point to the justice though, but did not give the quantitative point to it as is shown in Table 5 of this work. It clearly shows that the values of total energy calculated by Einstein are substantially lower as those calculated in our theory for all particle velocities, even for the lower ones.

At the speed of 0,1c = v, there are the differences even by 0,0007mc2, which keep on increasing.

For v = 0,5c this difference in the direction of motion is

and for v = 0.99c even

so that in fact the energies in nuclear reactions have been substantially higher than the current theory of A. Einstein assumes.

It results in the incorrect determination of energies even in nuclear reactors and thus in the insufficient protection design, what leads to breakdowns of atom power stations (USA, FRG, UKRAINE, RUSSIA) and risky, often caraless behaviour of highly educated people of former AS of USSR, enormous impacts caused by irradiation of population because of the ignorance of people in high positions and the consequent disinformation of population. To be able to avoid the breakdowns, it is necessary to consider our equation for energy calculation and not the Einstein’s one. It involves all activities concerning calculation of energy of particles (accelerators, reactors,...). We will thus help substantially to prevent tragedies of the human race caused by ignorance.
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